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there were some buildings… there were these really tall buildings and they could walk.

and there were some vampires.

one of the vampires bit the tallest building and his fangs broke off. then all his other teeth fell out, then he started crying.

and then all the other vampires said Why are you crying? Aren’t those just your baby teeth?

and he said No, those are my grown-up teeth.

and the vampires knew that he couldn’t be a vampire anymore so they left him.

the end.

… simply repeating over and over again, “The blood is the life! The blood is the life!”

not ‘vegetarians,’ kthanxbye.

not ‘vegetarians,’ kthanxbye.

how avant-garde.

how avant-garde.

Anne Rice, in a New York Magazine interview last year:

(The vampire) Armand could be played by that young actor, Max Records from Where the Wild Things Are. He’s just about the perfect age— 13 or 14— he could play Armand. He’d be wonderful as Armand.

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